Ulster-Scot Migration

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John Mitchell was our earliest Mitchell relative in America. He migrated along with sixteen other families from Ulster Ireland to Londonderry, NH under the leadership of Rev. James MacGregor.

The Ulster-Scots were Scottish Covenenters who were deposed to Ulster in the Northern region of Ireland to escape persecution under the church of England at the hands of Oliver Cromwell.

Reasons for Immigration:

In Rev. Edward L. Parker’s “History of Londonderry” he reports that Rev. James McGregor, one of the Londonderry emigrants and their pastor gives the following reasons for their removal to America: “1st. To avoid oppressive and cruel bondage. 2d. To shun persecution and designed ruin. 3d. To withdraw from the communion of idolaters. 4th. To have an opportunity of worshiping God according to the dictates of conscience and the rules of his inspired Word.”

Migration of 1718


3 thoughts on “Ulster-Scot Migration

  1. There is a newest hero of Ulster Scot origin: Gerald Eugene Read. Read gave his life saving a person. He is a guardian angel of Ulster Scot origin.

  2. Also, a woman was of Scotch-Irish origin (possibly) was Jerri Cunningham-Rather, was saving the life of a Hebrew woman, Debra Fine.

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