The Currier & Ives Connection


Have you ever wondered how Nathaniel Currier of Currier & Ives fame was connected to our family tree?

Here’s the scoop . . .

The parents of famous lithographer Nathaniel Currier were distant cousins Nathaniel Currier and Hannah Currier. His parents were both descended (7th generation) from Richard Currier who was the first Currier in Newbury, MA. (Link content at currieronline has been temporarily removed for maintenance.)

Richard Currier’s parents were Thomas James Currier of Strawberry Banks, Scotland and Martha Osborne of Salisbury, England. Richard was born in Scotland and married Anne. It is reported that Richard came to New England as the indentured servant of a Mr. Dove, a caretaker of his land. In later years Richard acquired much real estate of his own. Richard and Anne had three children – Samuel, Hannah, and Thomas.

Descendants of Jennie Currier Walton are from the line extending from Samuel Currier to George E. Currier, Jr.

Nathaniel, Jr., the artist, descended from Samuel’s brother, Thomas Currier. Among Thomas’ twelve children were Richard and Thomas, Jr. who who were Hannah and Nathaniel, Sr.’s great-grandfathers respectively.

George E. Currier’s grandfather, Amos, was about eleven years older than his cousin, Nathaniel. While George lived in Roxbury, MA, George, his father George, Sr. and Amos were living in Newburyport.

Nathaniel’s father died when he was only eight leaving him and his eleven year old brother, Lorenzo to care for two younger siblings. Nat took a number of odd jobs and eventually apprenticed in Boston as a lithographer where his career began. Together with his business partner James Merritt Ives, he produced more than 7,000 different prints illustrating American life and tradition, each signed “Currier & Ives.”

Nathaniel Currier enjoyed visits to his summer home, “Lion’s Gate”, in Amesbury.

NATHANIEL CURRIER (NATHANIEL, LEVI, EZEKIEL, THOMAS CURRIER JR., THOMAS CURRIER, RICHARD, THOMAS JAMES) was born March 27, 1813 in Roxbury, MA, and died November 20, 1888 in New York City, NY.He married Eliza Farnsworth on April 23, 1840.

AMOS CURRIER (NATHANIEL, WILLIAM, SAMUEL CURRIER JR., SAMUEL CURRIER, RICHARD, THOMAS JAMES) was born January 8, 1802 in Newburyport, MA, and diedSeptember 30, 1846 in Newburyport, MA. He married Jane White Gurney on April 13, 1884. One of their sons was George E. Currier, Sr., born September 17, 1834.


Nathaniel Currier (1813-1888)

The History of the Firm

Currier & Ives


15 thoughts on “The Currier & Ives Connection

  1. A C. B. Currier painted a picture for me in 1946 in Los Angeles. He had an apartment below our house and I am trying to find information about him. Is there any connection to the artist Currier? I have the oil painting hanging on my wall and I have two post cards from him after we moved. I want some more information on him if I can be so lucky.

    Thank you very much.

    Jackie Shimonauff

  2. I have followed my descendency from Samuel of Haverhill to George E. born 1862, George married Nina Kerr. Does the above article of Currier&Ives finally make a connection between Richard and Samuel ?

  3. I came across this site and thought that I’d give it a try. I was born in 1960, William George Currier to Lynn Currier at Central Suffolk Hospital, Riverhead, NY. Lynn’s parents are Ralph H. Currier and Eleanore W. Currier of Oak Street, Flanders, NY (Suffolk County). I was “adopted” into the Rose family and have since changed my name to William Currier Rose when I came of age to do so. Adoption was incomplete because Lynn was had not signed the papers. My last search led me to a “Lynn” in CA. I hope that my query here isn’t seen as an intrusion. I am just hopeful to find out more about my “roots”. If anyone would contact me with any info, it would mean the world to me.
    Thanks, Bill Rose

  4. I am searching for John H. Currier, born in VT about 1833. He married Sarah, and they moved to New York state. Does anyone have information on him tracking backwards?

  5. Hello June. I have to tell you, your email just took me totally off guard! (I still have goosebumps!) Thank you soooo much for responding. Yes, I knew about the “Cousins” connection. I hope you don’t mind me texting back, I see you included your phone number… I’m kinda reserved about all of this and would like to “test the waters” as it were. Hope you don’t mind. My biggest fear in finding Lynn was the “Privacy” issue, which I respect. Wow, this is Huge! Is there anything that you could tell me that might help me make some connections? Please, let me know how you’d like to continue with this, ok? Drop me a note when you can.
    Thanks (nice to make your acquaintance!)
    – William Currier Rose

  6. William! I’d love for you to contact me! No intrusion at all! If you’d feel better you can email me direct! I’ve been searching for a long time.
    I understand your reservations completely . I hope to hear from you soon!

  7. William, do you have an email address I can send your information to? There is too much to put on here.
    I’m just so excited to have finally found you.

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