Royal Descent


Did you know that we have royalty in our genes? It’s true!

We can trace our family line through fifteen Kings directly back to Cerdic, King of the West Saxons (circa 519 AD) through our immigrant ancestory Joseph Bolles (1608-1678). Joseph Bolles was born in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England.
Bolles is descended from Lored Alaine Bolle (circa 1216 AD) of Swineshead, Lincolnshire. It is through Joseph’s grandmother, Anne Goodrick, that we can follow our royal line of decent.

Joseph Bolles first settled in Wells, ME with his wife Mary in 1640. They later moved to Kittery, ME having purchased land from the famous Maj. Charles Frost, Commander-in-Chief of the Militia of King Philips War. Frost married their daughter, also named Mary, though ten years her senior.

Joseph Bolles is the grandfather of Lydia Frost (Pierce/Greenleaf*) who’s great-great grandaughter, Pheobe Adams, married Nathaniel Currier. They were the great-great grandparents of Jenny Currier.



Plantegenet Ancestry to Joseph Bolles

The Bolles Family

The Bolles in Wells, ME


5 thoughts on “Royal Descent

  1. Some Bolles did, however mine who moved from Richmond to Sugar Hill, NH, (Franconia/Lisbon area about 1800) were men of the bible and signed documents not to raise arms. There were a few in the NH area that did. However the Parker family who married into the Bolles/Bowles family had several Rev. War men. I fact I am a DAR. All very interesting. Just was up in NH and walk the old homestead of the Bolles from 1800.

  2. Joseph Bolles is the father of Mary Bolles according to my research and she married Charles Frost who later became Col. Charles Frost and from my research he is the great grandfather of Robert Frost as well. Do you have information on this? I am the great grand daughter of Charles Frost and Mary Bolles and am researching my family history.

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