Original Settlers


Many of the people in our family line share a great heritage of being some of the earliest settlers of New England, primarily of Newbury, MA and other towns in Essex County; Kittery and Elliot, ME; Burke, NY.

Kittery, ME – Plantation of Piscataqua. The territory of the Berwicks was set off in 1713 and Eliot in 1810. The first settlement was at Kittery Point about 1623.

Eliot, ME – The area was settled around 1632 and named Sturgeon Creek, and was considered the north parish of Kittery.

Founding Settlers: Nicholas Frost, wife Bertha Cadwalla, daughter Anne and son Maj. Charles Frost.

Nicholas Frost settled at Sturgeon Creek about 1636. He filled various offices of the town and died in 1663 at age 74. Of his many decendants, several were eminent in their generation.


1784 Map for Context

Newbury, MA – Originally, Quasca Cunquen, then Newebery. Each of the first settlers was granted a house lot of at least four acres, with a suitable quantity of salt and fresh meadow. Each of the eighteen principal pioneer settlers was granted also an additional twelve acres.

Founding Settlers:

Rev. James Noyes, wife Anne, his brother Rev. Nicholas Noyes, his mothers cousin Rev. Thomas Parker (responsible for the migration and founding of Newbury)

Edmund Greenleaf

Tristram Coffin, wife Dionis Stevens

Hon. William Fiske

Richard Currier of Salisbury & Amesbury “planter” & “millwright.” One of the most prominent men in the new town.

Rowley, MA

John Boynton, William Boynton

Joseph Jewett, Maxemilian Jewett

Nantucket, MA

Tristram Coffin went from Salisbury, Haverill, Newbury, and back to Salisbury before jointly purchasing the island of Nantucket. He was a most influential settler and the first chief magistrate of Nantucket.

Peterborough, NHWilliam Mitchell is listed as one of the first settlers. (not sure if this is our Mitchell)

Hudson, NH – Nottingham West,  John Mitchell was an original setter.  His occupation was Sheep herdsman, husbandman.  He died in 1739 not long after the town was begun, leaving his widow, Jannet, and six children.

Burke, NY
Sources: First Settlers and Their Land Grants


A Genealogical Record of New England First Settlers


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