Pilgrims of Plymouth

The Pilgrims of Plymouth, MA traveled on several ships to over a course of two years – The Mayflower, The Fortune, The Anne and Little John. They are all considered original families of the new colony at Plymouth Plantation.

The Pilgrims of Plymouth, MA in my family tree are descended from Jenny Lucy Currier Walton’s maternal grandmother, Lucy Ann Pond’s line.

1621 – The Mayflower:

John Howland (later spouse of Elizabeth Tilley)
Read my posts about John Howland here.

Elizabeth Tilley (daughter of John and Joan Tilley)

John Tilley
– died first winter

Joan Hurst Rogers Tilley (spouse of Edward Tilley)
– died first winter

Edward Tilley (brother of John Tilley)
– died first winter

Anne Tilley (spouse of Edward Tilley, not blood relation)
– died first winter

Francis Cooke (father-in-law of Experience Mitchell’s 2nd wife, Jane Cooke)

Edward Fuller (son Matthew Fuller came later) (Samuel ?)

1623 – The Anne:

Experience Mitchell
(Note: his grandson Jacob Mitchell, Jr.’s 2nd wife was Rebecca Cushan grd of Isac Allerton)





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