Here’s a quick summary of the main nationalities that you’ll find in my family tree.
Most of my research has been done in regard to my maternal great grandmother’s ancestors, though I have since expanded research to include nearer ancestors to myself and my own children and spouse.

Be sure to scroll down an view the slide show of coats of arms.

English Descent:
The Pilgrims of Plymouth, MA in my family tree are descended from Jenny Lucy Currier Walton’s materal grandmother, Lucy Ann Pond’s line.

First settlers of Essex County, MA mostly have their descent through Jenny Lucy Currier Walton’s pateral grandfather, George E. Currier

Scottish Descent:
Samuel Currier (paternal line)
William Dickie (maternal line)

Ulster Scot:
John Mitchell

Welsh Descent:
Walton, Felch, Eaton

Greenleaf, Coffin

Royal Descent:
Joseph Bolles
Sweden – Kenneth Olson (father of Carla Olson Gade)
Norway and Sweden – Bradford Gade(my spouse and sons).

Some ancestors migrated to Canada for various reasons, not withstanding for political causes. Oliver Mitchell (Quebec), Moses Estey (Maugerville), Pond, Bradley, James Dickie (Marysville)

Mass Bay Colony
Plymouth & Essex County

Maine: Frost, Bolles

New Hampshire:
Rockingham/Hudson area: John Mitchell


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