Did You Know?

That . . .

  • Richard Currier was one of the most prominent men of Salisbury and Amesbury.
  • Nathaniel Currier of Currier & Ives fame is a Currier cousin.
  • A royal genealogy can be traced from Joseph Bolles of Wells, Maine back to Edward Plantagenet, to Charlemagne, and beyond.
  • Ancestors held the esteemed title of King’s Champion (Dymoke).
  • Capt. Charles Frost was head of the Maine militia and the terror of the Indians.
  • Daughters of Newbury Mary Towne Estey, Sarah Towne, and Rebbeca Towne Nurse were tried and killed as witches.
  • The Mitchells in Burke, NY were neighbors with the Wilder’s (as in Almonzo Wilder of Little House on the Prairie).
  • Several of our ancestors traveled to the New World on The Mayflower and many more were first settlers in New England.
  • We have English, Welch, Scottish heritage in our New England family tree.

These places used to be called . . .

Maine – Formerly Massachusetts. Maine was incorporated in 1835.

Kittery, ME – Plantation of Piscataqua. The towns of Eliot and Burke were one part of the greater Kittery.

Haverill, MA – Pentucket Plantation

Newbury, MA – Quascacunquen, Newberry Plantation

Newburyport, MA – Newburyport was first settled in 1635 as part of Newberry Plantation.

Hudson, NH – Nottingham West, Massachusetts


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