Author: Carla Gade

Carla is a fiction novelist with a passion for history. She lives in New England with her family.

Olson Family Origins in Halland, Sweden

  It’s been exciting to recently discover that our Olson family ancient home of origen is Halland, Sweden. Halland County is on the lower western coast of Sweden. Until 1645 it was part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Along with a few other provinces, in the … Continue reading Olson Family Origins in Halland, Sweden


Devout Dog

Lovell Clark ~  Sept. 19, 1777, Woodstock, CT Mary Bullen ~ Oct. 28, 1774 m. May 15, 1794 During the late 18th century, my husband's five times great-grandfather, Lovell Clark and his wife, Mary, resided in the Milford, Massachusetts area. They were steadfast members of … Continue reading Devout Dog