Pilgrim Ancestors


Meet 10 of my Pilgrim ancestors who traveled on the Mayflower in 1621 ~

My mother’s maternal side (Lucy Ann Pond Dickie):

* Francis Cooke (John Cooke, son, age 13, non-direct ancestor) His later daughter Jane married Experience Mitchell.  [RELATIONSHIP]

* John Tilley and wife Joan (Hurst) (Rogers) Tilley with daughter Elizabeth, age 13 (also his brother Edward, non-direct ancestor, and wife Ann).  [RELATIONSHIP]

* John Howland, age 21 (later married Elizabeth Tilley).  [RELATIONSHIP]

* Isaac Allerton, daughter Mary Allerton, age 4 (she later married Thomas Cushman).  [RELATIONSHIP]

My mother’s paternal side (Sarah Crippen Mitchell)

* Edward Fuller and unknown wife, son Samuel, age 12 (also Dr. Samuel Fuller his brother, non-direct ancestor).  [RELATIONSHIP]

*  Signatories of the Mayflower Compact


Other Plymouth Colony “first comers” include ~

Experience Mitchell (Fortune)  [RELATIONSHIP]
Robert Cushman and son, Thomas Cushman (Fortune) [RELATIONSHIP]
Matthew Fuller, son of Edward Fuller (Fortune) [RELATIONSHIP]


9 from Mayflower, Nov. 1620
4 from Fortune, Nov. 1621


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