Howdy Pilgrims



These Mayflower Pilgrims hail from my husband Bradford’s maternal side from the surname Kendrick. Some of the ancestors are connected through more than one line back from Lillie B. Kendrick Bates ~

* Thomas Rogers, son Joseph Rogers (From James R Kindrick’s wife, Mercy Fuller Nickerson, mother Joanna Rogers Nickerson)  [RELATIONSHIP]

Also Hannah Cooke to * Francis Cooke, Ebenezer Rogers to Thomas Rogers  [RELATIONSHIP]

* Edward Dotey    [RELATIONSHIP]

* Stephen Hopkins and wife Elizabeth (Fisher)(step-mother of his children)  and his children by late wife Mary – Constance Hopkins, Giles and Damaris Hopkins; son Oceanus was born during the voyage.  [RELATIONSHIP]

* William Brewster, wife Mary Wentworth Brewster and sons, Love and Wrestling (from Edward Clark)  [RELATIONSHIP]

* Gov. William Bradford   [RELATIONSHIP]


William Mullins and his wife Alice, and two children, Joseph and Priscilla Mullins [RELATIONSHIP]


*  Signatories of the Mayflower Compact


Additional “first comers” in the Plymouth Colony:

Nicholas Snow (Ann or Little James) , whose daugher, Elizabeth, married Edward (Cenwric) Kendwrick of Wales. [RELATIONSHIP]

Stephen Deane (Fortune) [RELATIONSHIP]

Patience Brewster, daughter of William Brewster (Fortune) who married Thomas Prence (Fortune)

Alice Carpenter Southworth, who married Gov. William Bradford (Fortune)

Widow Ford, 17 year old son William Ford, infant son John, and daughter Martha  (Fortune)


14 from Mayflower, Nov. 1620
4 from Fortune, Nov. 1621
1 from Ann or Little James, July 1623



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