Another Mayflower Pilgrim Connection, or Two!

Landing of the Pilgrims on Plymouth, Peter Frederick RockRothermel, 1869-500

Following my mother’s paternal great-grandmother’s line to Sarah Crippen, wife of Oliver Mitchell of Burke, New York, I discovered that Sarah Crippen’s lineage can be traced back to Jabez Crippen and Thankful Fuller and descendent of a Mayflower Pilgrim. Thankful Fuller’s great-father Edward Fuller and his wife, along with one of their son’s Samuel traveled on the Mayflower. Edward was a signitor of the Mayflower Compact. Sadly the couple did not survive the first winter, but Samuel did and he would become Thankful’s grandfather. After his parent’s death in 1621, twelve year old Samuel went to live with Dr. Samuel Fuller, Edward’s brother, who also immigrated on the Mayflower. Samuel older brother, Dr. Matthew Fuller followed on another ship, and is also an ancestor through Thankful, making her a double progenitor of a Mayflower Pilgrim.

Here we find that while Thankful’s father was the grandson of Samuel Fuller, that Thankful’s mother, Mehitible Rowley, was the daughter of Samuel’s brother, Dr. Matthew Fuller, Edward’s eldest son, thereby making them first cousins once removed (Edmund/Matthew/Elizabeth/Mehitable/Thankful & Edmund/Samuel/John). It was a small world then and I’m grateful to learn about it.




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