Ancestral Worship (poem)


ANCESTRAL WORSHIP EGYPTIAN mappage or the Grecian urn Did once perpetuate a father's clay; Preserving through slow centuries and gray The human remnant for the hope eterne. And what the fires of funerals could not burn, Nor Time's insidious tooth gnaw quite away, Became a shrine of virtues, where might pray The latest sons, and of their fathers learn. But we, grown wiser, plant a family tree. And 'neath its broadening branches sit us down, Content to trace a noble pedigree Unapt to urn a rich and high renown; Content to dream of knights armed cap-a-pie. Yet hoping from the sky to see a crown. Horace Spencer Fiske Chicago, May 6, 1896.

From Fiske and Fisk family. Being the record of the descendants of Symond Fiske, lord of the manor of Stadhaugh, Suffolk County, England, from the time of Henry IV to date, including all the American members of the family (1896)


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