William Moody (1611-1673)

Emigrated From: Ipswich, England
Ship: Mary & John
Settled: Newbury, MA
Ancestor: George E. Currier (1834)

WILLIAM MOODY (WILLIAM, ROBERT, RICHARD, EDMUND ) was born 1611 in Ipswich, Suffolk Co. Eng, and died Oct 25, 1673 in Newbury, MA. He married SARAH.

He left Southhampton, Apr 10, 1634, on the ship Mary & John, and landed at Boston at the end of May. With 100 others, he removed to Ipswich, MA and remained there for the winter. He was then induced to settle in the new town of Newbury and was admitted as a Freeman May 6, 1635. He was a Saddler, Furrier & Smith.

Children of WILLIAM MOODY and SARAH are:

  1. Samuel MOODY , born 1630 in England; died Apr 04, 1675 in Newbury, MA.
  2. Joshua MOODY, born 1632 in England; died Jul 04, 1697 in Newbury MA.
  3. CALEB MOODY, born 1637 in Newbury, MA; died Aug 25, 1698 in Newbury, MA.



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