Silhouette: Tristram Coffin (1632-1704 )

TRISTRAM COFFIN, LIEUTENANT, ESQ. (Tristram1) was born in Brixton, England, in 1632 and became a merchant tailor at Newbury, Mass., serving his apprenticeship under Henry Somerby whose widow he married there March 2, 1653, Judith Greenleaf. Mr. Coffin was very active in church and civil affairs, “of known piety and judgment”. In 1660, he was deputy marshal of Newbury and the following year was constable. Sworn a freeman in 1668, he served on the trial jury in 1673, 1678 and 1682; and on the grand
jury in 1670, 1671 and 1680. For 20 years he was a deacon of First Church of Newbury and in 1681 and 1682 was commissioner of small causes. He was made a lieutenant in 1683 and was a deputy to the General Court from 1695 to 1702. Tristram left considerable real estate when he died February 4, 1704, at 72.

His gravestone is inscribed:

“On earth he pur-chas-ed a good degree,
Great boldness in the faith and liberty,
And now possesses immortality.”


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