Digging Deeper

I’ve been digging deeper trying to find some of the hidden roots in my family tree as I’ve been continuing to work on my Tribal Pages Family Tree website.

I discovered another Mitchell line, so that means that my mother has Mitchell’s on both maternal (English) and paternal (Ulster-Scot) sides of her family. The newly identified line hails from Experience Mitchell who came on the Anne 1623 to Plymouth. His spouse was Jane Cooke, daughter of Francis Cooke who came on the Mayflower. This adds to my growing list of Pilgrim ancestors.

I also peeled back some layers of my husband’s Gade heritage in Norway. It’s very difficult to get information in other countries so I’m thrilled about that. Family Search has a new Beta search engine that brings up some excellent sources and is so easy to use. I was able to verify my data through marriage and birth certificates that have been transcribed.

Through the Massachusetts Archives I am requesting copies of my Swedish paternal grandparents marriage and citizenship certificates.  We have copies of my husband’s Norwegian grandparents that holds vital information which I am similarly looking for concerning my Swedish grandparents who immigrated just a little bit earlier.  Fortunately, the marriage took place in 1914, as the archives have records until 1915, I’m just slipping in under the date. I hope to discover the unknown names of great grandparents. Once I have this information, I will add to the other information I have and perhaps be able to have a research assistant in Sweden help me trace my roots there. As for now I only have a handful of names covering two generations.

Making progress here. What have you dug up recently?


One thought on “Digging Deeper

  1. Genealogy is great fun, especially when you don’t have to do it yourself.
    My husband’s sister has done the Smith research – she got amazingly far back – on to thin branches 😉
    The Donnelly family is back three generations – my favourite story, as yet unproven is my Great-Grandma was First Nation American Indian married to a Norwegian Sailor who settled in Dublin – the Stynes name had to come from somewhere.

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