Buckley Surname

Although I’m not a blood relative of the Buckley’s, I’ve enjoyed putting together a family history album for my Step-dad, Ron Buckley.  This information was taken from family history compiled by his sister, Louise.

“Buckley surname is a place name of ancient English origin and was originally spelled in the time of King John of England in 1199 as “Buclough,” later “Bulclough.”  It signifies “a large mountain.”  There have been many and are still variations in spelling. Bulkeley is the most commonly used, other forms being Bulkley, Bulkly and Buckley.  Baron Robert de Bulkeley lived in the time of King John (1199-1226) and it is believed that descendants of today belong to him.”
From Genealogy of Massachusets, Vol. I

The name was first used in Cheshire, England where they held a family seat from ancient times.

Buckley is also a surname deriving from occupation, opposed to place as indicated above. In this instance it is derived from bucc(a) and leigh which mean male goat and wood and would indicate someone who raised or tended goats.

More on the Buckley Surname


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