Poetry Keepsake

Here is a wonderful way to preserve your family legacy through poetry.  It is patterned after the poem by George Ella Lyons.  To learn how to write one of your own go here:  Writing as a Keepsake.

Where I’m From

by Carla Olson Gade

I am from kings and queens, and the land of trolls, from crusaders, and pilgrims, and pioneers.

I’m from Pinnacle Rock, Camp Marion, Mississippi moons, Endless Mountains, Snow Falls, Streams in the Desert ,  and Beulah Land.  I’m from Tak så mycket, pickled herring, and two bits. I’m from molasses cookies,  stuffed quahogs, and steamed clams. I am from Lily of the Valley and Lady’s Slippers.

I’m from my own little corner in my own little world, these are a few of my favorite things, and somewhere over the rainbow.    I’m from What Color is Love?, Harold and the Purple Crayon, and Tell Me Why.  I’m from dandelion wishes and good night prayers.  I’m from family Bibles with worn passages.  I’m from “Jehovah Jireh” written into the front steps .

I’m from wandering into the wardrobe, thinking outside the box, never ending stories, and the land time forgot.  I’m from exploring trails on horseback, chasing butterflies, and collecting precious stones.   I’m from ancient ruins, castles in the air, dream houses,  an era gone by.

I’m from the prison of hope, the valley of pain, mountains of praise, manna in the wilderness, crossroads of faith. I’m from “Jesus Loves Me This I know”, “Precious Jewels”,  “He’s Everything to Me”, and “My Father’s Eyes”.  I’m from “His Eye is on the Sparrow” and “Because He Lives I Can Face Tomorrow”.

I’m from Lapis Lazuli, crystal tears, a stained glass heart, and vanquishing fears.  I’m from learning how to walk again.  Knowing who I am.  I’m from a garland of grace.  I’m from love and faithfulness written on the tablet of my heart.  I’m from a jewel in His crown.  I’m from the God of second chances, and many more.


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