In Your Own Backyard

Have you ever thought of digging up your relatives in your own backyard?  That wouldn’t occur to me in the slightest, but I just made a startling discovery as such!

Being born in Massachusetts it is not surprising to me that many of my ancestors are from there. Yet, seven years ago I moved to Fairfield, Maine and was thrilled to learn of a few lines originating in the Kittery, Maine  area, only a few hours south of Fairfield.  Of course, Maine was still Massachusetts in those days.

My recent kick has led me to Canada, an elusive branch on my maternal great-great grandmother’s side. Jennie Dickie’s parents were William Dickie, of Scottish heritage and Lucy Ann Pond of New Brunswick, Canada. Lucy’s father was Charles Pond whose grandfather was loyalist, John Pond; his wife Mary Eva Cain. I have just a thread of information on them and no more. Until today.

My Google search disclosed a few of John and Mary’s children. His son William married Olive Estey who has a rich hertigae of her own. Their son was Charles, grandmother Lucy’s father. One of John and Mary’s daughter is Catherine. Catherine Pond, my very great aunt,  married a George Ellis. They lived just down the street from my first home in Fairfield, Maine, unbeknownst to me. The family was buried in the “Ellis Cemetery”, which is a lot adjoining their family farm. The family property was adjacent to the Good Will Hinckley Home for Boys and Girls and is now owned entirely by the school.

As they say, what a small world!

Ellis Cemetery, Fairfield, ME


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