Unique Baby Names

Recently a walk through an old local cemetery I came across some truly unique names.  The Christian names  (given names, first names) of folks were truly reminiscent of the times which the people had lived.

Names like Elihu, Eloda, Sewell,  Parris, Nebbie, Constant, Kenelm, Freeman,  Peaslee, Salome, Glenni, Anguilla, Ruhumah, Tryphena, Lottienne, Minta, Newlon, Mehitable, Jotham, Marin, Alonzo, Cindarilla, Moses, Cornelius, Cordelia, Moody, Sophronia, Adelaide, Essmer, Kesiah, Fula, Malon, Redington, Ossie, Welington, Alzada, Darius, Anstress, Adalussia, Glenwood, Judah, Bertelle, Vesta, Oneal, Everlennah, Hattie, Luvisa, Lucretia, Orseamus, Melville, Violet, Minerva, Elias, Albinea, Lovinea, Asenath, Alva, Effie, Sturgeon, Atenlenta, Fortunatus, Seldon, Mahala,  Manley, Aurilla, Elsie, Letha, Ora, Nathalia, Prudent, Anis, Sylvina, Lilnwood, Augustus, Obadiah, Cornelia, Archa, Electa, Una, Silas, Abrose, Corydon, Plena, Alwilda, Elwin, Pansy, Permilla, Patience,  Greenwood, Jairus, Hedwige, Granville, Althea, Alzora, Wyman, Sumner, Arastus, Printha, Camalstine, Huldah, Etta, Cyprienne, Octave, Rosetta, Orinda, Perlmelia, Ephraim, Greenleaf, Obed, Medora, Emilus, Ardacton, Fravel, Wilder, Elbridge, Alzada, Malinda, Albion, Elva, Hildred, Zadie, Reward, Thena, Thurlow, Abbilena, Orrin, Delbert, Phebe, Ozro, Inez, Almon, Eliza, Elvira, Clymenia,  Florena, Cyrus, Algenon, Claraette, Llewellyn.

Do not some of these sound like surnames?  I’ll let you figure out which names are male or female.  People are always looking for unique names to name their babies.  Out of these  mere 150 names that have mostly gone out of circulation in recent years, I suggest people start recylcing some of them.  If they dare. As a writer of historical fiction, at least I’ve found an interesting source of historically accurate names to draw upon.


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