Gade Immigration

Gustav Gade immigration certificate

Ester Gade immigration certificate

Bertram Gade immigration certificate

Ship Manifest

Gustav Gade Citizenship

Ester Gade Citizenship

Passenger Ship – The Bergensfjord

Built by Cammell Laird & Company, Birkenhead, England, 1913. 11,013 gross tons; 530 (bp) feet long; 61 feet wide. Steam quadruple expansion engines, twin screw.  Service speed 15 knots.  1,200 passengers (100 first class, 250 second class, 850 third class).

Built for Norwegian-America Line, Norwegian flag, in 1913 and named Bergensfjord. Oslo-New York service. Troopship 1940-46. Sold to Home Lines, Panamanian flag, in 1946 and renamed Aregentina. Mediterranean-South America and Mediterranean-New York service. Sold to Zim Line, Israeli flag, in 1953 and renamed Jerusalem. Mediterranean-New York service. Renamed Aliya in 1957. Laid up 1958-59. Scrapped in Italy in 1959.


2 thoughts on “Gade Immigration

  1. Carla,
    I was just thinking about great grandpa gade bringing me to the duck pond when I was little so I decided to look him up to see if I could find anything out about the family history and it brought me directly to your pages how awesome it is that you found all this! Anyways I hope all is well with you guys tell uncle brad and the boys I said hi ! Take care

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