Mayflower Connection


John Howland, signer of the Mayflower Compact, lived to be the last (male) pilgrim who had come to Plymouth, MA on the Mayflower in 1620. He was in his 20’s at the time. One fateful day, John Howland was tossed into the sea from aboard the Mayflower during a fierce storm and bravely survived! Howland was listed as manservant to John Carver and lived in his household. When Carver died it is thought that Howland inherited his estate and then bought his freedom.

John Howland married Elizabeth Tilley, also a passenger, in 1625. Elizabeth sailed on the Mayflower with her father John Tilley and , mother Joan Hurst, uncle and aunt.   John Tilley was also a signer of the Mayflower Compact as was his brother Edward. Elizabeth was only 13 at the time of passage and became an orphan as her family did not survive the first winter. She then went to live in the home of first Gov. John Carver.

Family connection:   John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley were the ancestors of Sarah Howland. Sarah Howland was the wife of Moses Estey, a decendent of Mary Estey of an accused witch of the Salem trials. These are the ancestors of Jennie Dickey. John Howland was swept overboard while on passage to The New World. Howland sailed down the Kennebec River of Maine with Capt. John Winslow to open up trade with the Native People and opened a trading post.

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3 thoughts on “Mayflower Connection

  1. hey lol my name is jonahon howland but i never know i had a howland on the may flower name john howland i go by jon howland just with out the h lol

  2. Hello…My Nana’s maiden name was Howland and I have just learned that John is my 8th great grandfather….I had no idea!!

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