His Ladye Love

The year 1717 “is rendered memorable, by the unusual quantity of
snow, which fell on the twentieth and twenty-fourth of February.
In these two storms, the earth was covered with snow, from ten to
fifteen feet, and, in some places, to twenty feet, deep. Many one-
story houses were covered, and, in many places, paths were dug,
from house to house, under the snow. Many visits were made,
from place to place, by means of snow shoes, the wearers having
first stepped out of their chamber windows, on these excursions. ‘
Love,’ we know, ‘ laughs at locksmiths,’ and, of course, will disregard
a snow-drift. Tradition informs us, that a Mr. Abraham
, wishing to visit his ‘ladye love,’ Miss Abigail Pierce,
mounted his snow shoes, took a three miles’ walk, for that purpose,
and entered her residence as he left his own, namely, by the chamber
window. He was the first person the family had seen from
abroad, for more than a week. Cotton Mather has left in writing
a particular account of ‘ the great snow,’ and the many marvels and
prodigies attending it.”

Note: Abraham Adams & Abigail Pierce are grandparents of Amos Currier.


A Sketch of the History of Newbury, Newburyport, and West Newbury, from 1635 to 1845
By Joshua Coffin, Joseph Bartlett, Published by S.G. Drake, 1845

Also, about “The Great Snow of 1717”: Stephen Jaques, in his account, thus writes. ‘ The year 1717-19
aftar this darkness * was the sadest time for sickness. A mortal
feaver spred throw ye country and in about three months time it
made twenty widows, besides many other parsons swept away.’

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