The Other Nicholas Frost

Genealogical research can oft be confusing, to say the least. One such situation is that of Nicholas Frost.

My ancestor, Nicholas Frost, came to Kittery, Maine as one of the earliest settlers in 1634. His wife was Bertha Cadwalla Frost, was captured and slain by the Indians in 1650 along with her 15 year old daughter Anna Frost. Sometimes it is listed that Nicholas had a second wife, Mary Small. This is not true. Mary Small was the husband yet another Nicholas Frost, “the beaver trader”. This Nicholas’s wife, Mary and two children were also captured by Indians, as was he.

Everett Stackpole in Old Kittery and her Families clarifies this as seen in the excerpt below:

1) In 1662 Nicholas Frost came from Bristol, Eng., and lived as
an apprentice with Francis Littlefidd, Senior, of Wells. He took
the oath of fidelity in 1669. His wife was Mary, sister to Edward
Small. She deposed, 16 June 1677, that she was then twenty-one
years of age or thereabouts. This Nicholas Frost is called the ”
beaver trader.” His name appears several times in the Court
Records. He and wife Mary sold, in 1674, land on both sides of
Salmon Falls Brook and bought land in what is now upper Eliot.
In a letter of Ichabod Plaisted to Capt. John Hill it is said that ”
Nicholas Frost’s wife and two children” were carried away by
Indians 8 Iune 1693. Nicholas himself was captured about the
same time and was reported as “drowned” in 1698. At this last
date his wife was licensed to keep a public house of enertainment.
In 1707 she was made administratrix of her husband Nicholas
Frost’s estate, “late of Kittery, deceased,” and Samuel Small was
one of the sureties. Administration was granted, 26 Nov. 1712,
to “Bartholomew Frost, son of Nicholas Frost, late of Kittery,
yeoman, deceased.” It is evident that Mary had died. It is also
evident from York Deeds, Book VIII., Fol. 123-4, tnat Nicholas
Frost had six children living in 1715. That Nicholas and Mary
were his children is proved beyond a question by a court record.


2) A letter from Ichabod Plaisted to Capt. John Hill of Saco, dated
9 June, 1693, says, “Last night we had four persons carried away
from the garrison by the Indians, and one wounded. The place
was at Sturgeon Creek. And those carried away were Nicholas
Frost’s wife and two children and the Widow Smith.” This was
the wife of Nicholas Frost, the “beaver trader.” Nicholas Frost
himself must have been captured about this time and was reported
as in captivity at Norridgewock in 1695 and reported as drowned in 1698.-
Mrs. Frost and her children returned to Kittery.

3) or this???

4) Was Nicholas Frost “the apprentice” the same as Nicholas Frost the “beaver trader”?

Was he the son of Charles Frost? or the brother of Charles Frost?


2 thoughts on “The Other Nicholas Frost

  1. Carla, it’s easy to confuse the two Nicholas Frost who lived in the Kittery area. Nicholas Frost, the beaver trader, and Nicholas Frost, the apprentice, are the same. Charles, later Major Charles, was the son of Nicholas Frost, husband of Bertha Cadwalla.

    Bertha Cadwalla Frost was not kidnapped by indians. Mary Small, wife of the beaver trader, was the one kidnapped and is the basis for the myth that Bertha was kidnapped.

    I can be reached at My name is Tyke Frost and Nicholas and Bertha Frost were my first ancestors in America.

  2. I am interested it the history of the frost family in newhampshire my family is from Madison nh thank you

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