Genealogy Tips

Find original name of town, village, shire, plantation, county, even state of residence. Often the records are looking back and record the name of location at the time of that the record was created.

Google husband’s name and wife’s original name. You may get many genealogy websites that have been already researched and can gain further information from them, including other shared family names related to the individual.

Email family historians that are website genealogists. These are the folks that have compiled their own family web pages. They are often very helpful in putting together some pieces of the puzzle. You may even be helping them out!

Research names in burial grounds. You can do this physically, and online since many cemeteries have websites.

Research country of origin and country emigrated to. Find out mode and name of transportation and port of entry. Note that the spelling of many names have changed through the years.

Google Books is a great resource of genealogy publications that you may not have access to. It may be helpful to use the text option rather than viewing the scanned page image. (Genealogy and Google Book Search)

Visit some of the many internet resources that are a treasure trove of information at your finger tips. You might start with Cyndi’s List or

Research the old-fashioned way. Go to or Genealogy.comfor pointers.


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