Carla Edberg – Passenger List

Eureka! I feel like I found a gold mine. Here is the passenger list for Carla Ingrid Maria Edberg.

Ship: S.S. Arabic sailing from Liverpool, England

Date: October 8, 1912

Arrival: October 17, 1912

Passenger: Carla Ingrid Maria Edberg

Age: 20

Marital Status: Single

Friend: A. W. Austin

Occupation: Nurse

Residence: London, England (1 1/2 yrs.)

Kin: Father – Carl G. Edgberg of Goteborg, Sweden

Destination: Boston, MA

Please click on image to see full size.


Update: In trying to decipher the address of Carl G. Edgberg (which may have been a misspelling of the name), the only thing that I could get to come up in Google Maps
that resembled the erroneous address listed is the address listed below which may have merritt as the location on the map goes directy to the village of Trollhatten. I have a postcard that was addressed to Carla from the Trollhatten, Sweden. This certainly is not a coincidence, though the exact address may still be speculative.

Ofelia Vård AB, Södra Vägen, Gothenburg, Sweden

Translated this means Ofelia Care, Southern Way, Gothenburg, Sweden
Trollhatten is a town in Älvsborg county, southwestern Sweden, just north of Gothenburg
and may have been part of Gothenburg in the 19th century and early 20th century.

Note: I don’t know what the connection to Ofelia Care is or if this simply came up in my search because it is a know place. It is my best “educated” guess.


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