Silhouette: Rev. Nicholas Noyes


Rev. Nicholas Noyes ( 1647–1717) – Son of Nicholas Noyes, a founding settler of Newbury, and nephew of Dr. Thomas Parker, he was a pastor at Salem, MA. Rev. Noyes was officiating clergy during in the Salem Witch Trials, although some of the accused were related to him (& us!). He later regretted and apologizing for his involvement. Read more here


5 thoughts on “Silhouette: Rev. Nicholas Noyes

  1. Hi, I’m very interested in where you obtained the silhouette of Rev Nicholas Noyes. I’ve looked up several sites, & found pictures of almost every one at the trials, but none of Nicholas Noyes, so I was just very curious where you got it from. Thank. lillypondd

  2. The “silhouette” refers to the post,not the picture. I use that picture on all my posts entitled, “silouette”. Sorry to dissapoint.

  3. The silhouette is not accurate. I have the only real likeness of Reverend Nicholas Noyes Co-Pastor of the Salem church in the form of Sketch/drawing dated 1667. Pasted down to me through the generations. Reverend Noyes repented to God and spent his remain years on Earth making amends to those who suffered under his hands. The Picture will be forever remain secret and is in safe deposit box and will stay in my family. His picture is not a “thing” for curious voyeuristic on lookers. He shall rest in peace.

  4. Thank you for your comment, Al. The “silhouette” refers to the post,not the picture. I use that picture on all my posts entitled, “silouette”.

    I also clarified on my post about Noyes’ involvement in the trials that I believe he was sincere in repenting. We all make mistakes, some bigger than others, and I’m sure he was tormented by this and hopefully received the forgiveness that a contrite heart deserves.

    What a treasure it is to have an actual picture of him. That is truly amazing to have.

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