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You have a lot of work to do

YOU 2 parents 4 grandparents 8 gr grandparents 16 gg grandparents 32 ggg grandparents 64 gggg grandparents 128 ggggg grandparents 256 gggggg grandparents 512 ggggggg grandparents 1,024 gggggggg grandparents 2,048 ggggggggg grandparents 4,096 gggggggggg grandparents 8,192 ggggggggggg grandparents 16,384 ggggggggggg … Continue reading

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REMEMBER THIS NUMBER: 8870 This is not an error: It is the number to remember when you want to find the birthdate of someone when you only have the date of death and age. How do you figure the birthdate? … Continue reading

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Cracking the Code on Cemetery Ciphers

Grave markers reveal not only names and dates, but often offer data that in many cases can be found nowhere else; ethnic origins, occupations and affiliations, beliefs and values, manner of death, names of relatives, even personal traits that survivors … Continue reading

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