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In Your Own Backyard

Have you ever thought of digging up your relatives in your own backyard?  That wouldn’t occur to me in the slightest, but I just made a startling discovery as such! Being born in Massachusetts it is not surprising to me … Continue reading

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Unique Baby Names

Recently a walk through an old local cemetery I came across some truly unique names.  The Christian names  (given names, first names) of folks were truly reminiscent of the times which the people had lived. Names like Elihu, Eloda, Sewell,  … Continue reading

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Cracking the Code on Cemetery Ciphers

Grave markers reveal not only names and dates, but often offer data that in many cases can be found nowhere else; ethnic origins, occupations and affiliations, beliefs and values, manner of death, names of relatives, even personal traits that survivors … Continue reading

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