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Man Overboard

One fateful day, John Howland was tossed into the sea from aboard the Mayflower during a fierce storm and bravely survived! Had he not, I’d hate to think where I’d be today . . . I would not. Governor William … Continue reading

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His Ladye Love

The year 1717 “is rendered memorable, by the unusual quantity of snow, which fell on the twentieth and twenty-fourth of February. In these two storms, the earth was covered with snow, from ten to fifteen feet, and, in some places, … Continue reading

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Turf and Twig Ceremony

Turf and Twig, otherwise known as “Livery of Seisin”, is a ceremony performed in medieval England that effected the transfer of land from one party to another. This practice was brought to the American Colonies and continued until the late … Continue reading

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