First Coffin Family in America

The following paper has been prepared for the KKOIRD, incompliance with the request of its Editor, by Tristram Coffin, of Toughkeepsie, N. Y.
Sir Richard Coffin, Knight, accompanied William the Conqueror from Normandy to England in the year 1066, and the manor of Alwington, in the county of Devonshire, was assigned to him. The authorities respecting the County of Devonshire make honorable mention of Sir Elias Coffin. Knight, of Clist and Ingarby, in the days of King John ; of Sir Richard Coffin, of Alwington, in the time of Henry II ; of Sir Jeffrey Coffin and Combe Coffin, under Henry III., and of other Knights, descendants of these, during successive reigns, until the time of Henry VIII, when we find Sir William Coffin, Sheriff of Devonshire, highly preferred at Court,
and one of eighteen assistants chosen by the King to accompany him to a tournament in France, in 1519. He was also High Steward of the manor and liberties of Standon in Hertford.

By his will he bequeathed his horses and hawks to the King, and devised the manor of East Higgington, Devonshire, to his nephew Richard Coffin, Esq., of Portledge. His monument in Standon Church, is mentioned in VVeever’s ” Funeral Monuments,” at page 534. wife and five children, viz : Peter, Nicholas, Tristram, John and Anne. Peter married Joanna Thimber, and died in 1627 or 1628, leaving four daughters and two sons. One^of these sons was the famous Tristram Coffyn the ancestor of the numerous families ofthat name now in this country. Nearly all his descendants are enabled by means of the accurate genealogical records in existence, to trace their lineage back to him, although nearly two centuries have elapsed since his death. He was born at Brixton, near Plymouth, in the county of Devonshire, England, in the year 1605 1 John Bowne was a thrifty farmer at Flushing ,I>ong bland. He bought slaves when he needed them on his farm, raised barley, tobacco, corn, rials and wheat, and made cider, which he shipped to New York and some hoiled cider to Philadelphia for William Penn and others. lie left an account-book replete with interesting items concerning his daily business. In it are inventories of household effects, specifications for building his houses, and barns, and alterations of rooms, contracts for labor, exjiendiuires on account of travelling Friends or Quakers such as neck-cloths, muslin pockci-hnndkcrdnefs, mending boots and rlotlies, shoeing horses, mending saddles, buying bridles and horses, and a barrel of cider put on bourd of a vessel for the use of voyaging friends. Here is an interesting item : ” ifif> the 7th month, then disbursl Jamaica on the account of entertainment for William Penn and other Friends. ii, it. x.” In this account book he has also some poetry addressed to one he wished to make his second wife, and accounts of expenses for building arid keeping up meeting houses at Flushing and New York. “The rase of John Bowne” «ay» Hesse in his HiifTrrlniif of the Quiikrr* “was verry hard. The Dutch Governor took’ him from his aged father, and from hi: wife and children, confined him a long time in a close dungeon where he was almost famished to death, and shipped him to Holland without being suffered to sec his family before his departure. Sometime after his return home the Governor meeting him in the street, seemed ashamed of what he had done, and told him he was glad to see him safe home again, and that he hoped he should never do so any more to any of his friends. A token of repentance of an ingenuous disposition, such as few, if any of the rigid persecutors in New England did ever show.” The of Bowne shows some of Hesse’s statements to be overcharged.

[Нккку ONDEKUONK Jr.] (another account says 1609) ; married Dionis Stevens, and in( another account says 1609) ; married Dionis Stevens, and in 1642, came to New England, bringing with him his wife, mother, two sisters and five children. The names of these children were Peter, Tristram, Elizabeth, James and John. He
first settled at Salisbury, Mass. ; thence moved the same year to Haverhill, where his name appears on the Indian Deed of that town Nov. 15, 1642, and where his children Mary (Starbuck) and John (the first John having died at the same place in 1642) were born. In 1648, he removed to Newbury, where his youngest son,
Stephen, was born. After residing there several years, (during which time he was licensed to keep an inn, and a ferry over the Merrimac river,) he returned to Salisbury, where he became a county magistrate, and in 1660, or 1661, he abandoned New England, and with his wife, four children and his aged mother, settled upon the Island of Nantucket, Prior to his last removal, (and early in the year 1659) he made a voyage of inquiry and observation to the group of islands off the Massachusetts coast, with a view to this change of residence.
He first visited Martin’s Vineyard, and taking from there Peter Folger, (the grandfather of Benjamin Franklin) as an interpreter of the Indian language, proceeded to Nantucket. It has been supposed that religious persecution was the cause of these frequent changes and of his final departure from the mainland, but I have been unable to trace the statement to any reliable source.

Could he have foreseen what a multitude of descendents are now looking up to him with pride, as their common ancestor, and the long, bright century of prosperity and renown that awaited the little island of his adoption, he would have felt comforted and encouraged during the severe struggles with which his career was evidently marked. of the witnesses to its execution. Prior to this purchase from the natives, the English title to the greater portion of the Island had been obtained from Thomas Mayhew, who held the same under a conveyance from Lord Stirling. The deed from Mayhew is dated July 2, 1659, and runs to the grantees in the following order, viz: Tristram Coffin, Thomas Macy, Christopher Hussey, Richard Swaine, Thomas Barnard, Peter Coffin, Stephen Greenleaf, John Swaine and William Pile. Tristram Coffin and his sons at one time owned about one fourth of Nantucket, and the whole of the little island adjacent to it on the west, called Tuckernuck, containing looo acres, which he purchased of the old Sachem Potconet, at the time of his visit in 1659. , He appears to have been a leading spirit among the first settlers, and was frequently selected by the inhabitants to transact important public business. His letters to the Colonial Government of New York, (Nantucket was at that time a dependency of New York) are preserved in the Archives of the Department of State at Albany.

The following Oath of Office and Administrator’s Bond, were copied by the writer from the original instruments, which are oiji file in the Record Office at Nantucket, and he believes are now published for the first time : “Where as I Tristram Coffin Senior have Received a Commission dated the 1 6 of September 1677 Investinge me with power to be Chefe Magestrate one the He. of~ Nantucket and dependences for this ye four years ensuinge under further order I Tristram Coffin a bond said doe engage my selfe under the penalty of perjury to doe Justice in all causes that come before me according to Law and endeavor to my best understanding and heare unto I have Subscribed Chief Magistrat. “

Mr Tristram Coffin Senior acknow- 10 ledged this a bond Subscription to be his Act edged this a bond Subscription to be his Act and deed Before me PETER COFFIN Assistant “
November ye $th, 1677 “
We James Coffin John Coffin Steve Coffin doe bind ourselves jointly and severaly in the some of an hundred
pounds sterlinge to perform the trust and administer on our fathers estatte and to bare the Court harmless according to law
At a Court of Sessions held the zgth of November 1681 there granted administration unto me James Coffin, John Coffin and Stephen Coffin on the estate of mr Tristram Coffin deceased the 3d of October 1 68 1 they having given security according to law.”
The body of the Oath was evidently written by Peter Coffin (son of Tristram); the signature, a fac simile of which is given, is an autograph. It will be observed that Tristram used the letter y instead of i, in writing the family name. It is said, whether truthfully, I do not know, that his ancestors spelled it in the same manner. The letter of Administration appended to the bond, fixes the date of his death (Oct. 3, 1681,) beyond question. In the year 1826, Sir Isaac Coffin, a native of Boston, who went to England in early life and became a Baronet, and an Admiral in the British Navy, visited Nantucket, and founded the ” Coffin School,” (the original fund being 2,500 pounds sterling,) which is still flourishing. The Act of Incorporation provides for the establishment of “a school by the name of Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin’s Lancasterian School, for the purpose of promoting decency, good order and morality, and for giving a good English education to youth who are descendants of the late Tristram Coffin, who emigrated from England,” etc. The Act further provides “that the Trustees shall all be the descendants of the above mentioned Tristram Coffin in the male or female line.”

The Medal of which the above is an family, at Nantucket, he took up his abode accurate outline representation, was struck on the eastern slope of what are now called by order of Sir Isaac, about the time of Trot’s Hills, near Cupaum pond, towards his visit to the Island, in memory of his the western end of the Island, and indistinguished ancestor. course of time, a little hamlet grew up in Il abandoned. One brown farm house, of comparatively modern build,abandoned. One brown farm house, of comparatively modern build, with two or three time-worn outbuildings, are all that remain. A few indentations, here and there, in the green sward, with pieces of brick and mortar mingled with the soil, show where the dwellings of some of the first settlers were located. One of these ancient cellars is pointed out as the site of the habitation where the subject of this sketch lived and died. Haifa mile to the eastward, on elevated ground, hard by two fresh
water ponds, and overlooking the ocean, is the oldest grave yard upon the Island ; and near at hand, a quantity of mortar, and a cluster of low bushes, tell where the first Friends’ meeting house once stood. Two furrows turned together around several acres of pasture land, and one solitary head stone, still bearing upon its shattered face the information that John Gardner died in 1706, alone mark the spot as a burial place of the dead. Somewhere within this space — this ” God’s Acre” — doubtless rest the ashes of the old pioneer, Tristram Coffyn.

From: The American Historical Record By Benson John Lossing

Published by Chase & Town, 1872

“Concerning the history and antiquities of America and biography of Americans.”

Our Coffin Family History

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  1. Royal Coffin, son of Nerine Coffin had two daughters named Nerine Coffin and Alma Merita Coffin. I am the daughter of Alma Coffin. My name is TRACEE PICKETT. Royal Coffin was an inventor and was on the board of directors on Carrier Corporation. He also loved woodworking. His mother was instrumental in fundraising for the National Association for the Blind and was blind herself. In the earlier part of the 20th century she golfed for one of the fundraisers and was the first blind person ever known to golf. Nerine Coffin was also known to have tea with Mrs. Stickley, the mother of Gustave Stickley of Stickley’s Fine Furniture. Gustave and Royal were friends and this is where my grandfather Royal Coffin came to like woodworking and became known for making fine wooden cabnets for his hobby.

    The Coffins were from a line of inventers in America as one of the Coffins began an Edison Electric and later General Electric. In the 1840’s there was another Coffin who lived out his life in Bloomsbury and was concidered to be one of the Bloomsbury Group…

    Alma Merita Coffin took interest in the sciences and beauty and also the health sciences. The later Nerine Coffin did not follow far behind her Coffin roots with her engineer like brain and a mind for business as Nerine was a business person throughout her adult life. Alma had six children and Nerine had two children…. March 2010

  2. robert m. bolzendahl II says:

    Do you know if there are any images of Sir William Coffin or Sir Richard Coffin?

  3. cliff kirvan says:

    Do you know where Alma (coffin) rue which was married to Harvey L rue fits in here.Any info you could give me would b greatly b appreciated.Thank you

  4. CLIFF KIRVAN says:

    Mrs Ellen Augusta Rue was my great grandmother on my mothers side.She married Leon Paul Kolcz.Their son was Chester Wayne Kolcz and he married Carolyn Jeanette Murdoch and they had 3 kids.Julie,Jackie, and Joey Kolcz.I am Julie’s son Cliff Kirvan and I have a little brother named Jeremy Kirvan.

  5. Laurel Wheeler says:

    Does anyone know if Tristram Coffin was Freemason? I’m a direct descendant.

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  10. Tracee pickett founder of the studio@vosse says:

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  12. dear grandfather,
    I love you. I reached my home office safely since the last message. Yes, I did write many letters to make sure I had assistance. I don’t know if you received my messages here, though, I wish to see you. It has been many years since we have seen each other. I was just 9 years old then.

    The times for everyone were difficult, I know. For everyone. You daughter Alma does know that you love her. I know that I missed a great deal of billiards with you, though did learn to play quite well.

    I am about to purchase another chess game for travel.

    Inventive minds are the best grand papa. We did okay.

    Much love to you. from your granddaughter Tracy Suzanne Pickett / pen name TRACEE PICKETT
    xoxo always
    today is October 4th 2013 11:23 pm

  13. LADY TRACEE PICKETT , an american princess says:

    DEAR Grandfather,

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    Very Sincerely to you Dear Grandfather:
    From You silly grand daughter: ::: Lady TRACEE PICKETT March 3rd 2014 9:32 pm

  15. HERE IS A SONG FOR YOU GRANDFATHER “HERE COMES THE SUN” it’s from my friend Sir PAUL from Liverpool. He is a very nice friend as are all my friends. YOKO ONO said hi. SIR JOEL said hi too, and VLAD and SIR Gaiman too. You may meet them next summer or sooner. ROB REDFORD said he’s make sure of it! He is teaching me how to Hug Kemoto Dragons. Really !
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    ___________Later this year I fall out of a giant tree as I climb out on a limb to save ….

    well… something and three men arrive just in time to catch me! GUESS WHO?

    I will tell you later grandfather- promise! Enjoy the song.

  16. DEAR Grandfather,
    I post here at times in a blither incase you haven’t noticed. It is a nice place to post and I hope you have my messages. Some of what I post is notes for books, with a serious note inside too.

    I haven’t made it to the HUDSON valley lately though I have actually planted poppy seeds that sprouted. I hope to have large red blooms by summer. Grandfather- I look forward to telling you more about my fall from a very large tree. It was quite fun climbing the tree, but when the storm arrived with all the high winds- I was very happy that my fall was broken. My heart is in tact though dear grandfather and I can’t wait to tell you even more about my travels to the other side of the world. We planted seeds and played violin- no cello. Just violins. We may play more violins.

    We will plant more seeds- and a very good friend of mine is now the KING or democracy. He may receive a NOBEL PRIZE of peace for his work. It is such work grandfather. Often times people do not realize the work involved at making sure that people do know that there are choices to be made and that the struggle should be in the maintenance of what is good and then it all gets better in the world you know grandfather. But to set the rules and make good of what can be is exhilarating as we in the process from the beginning to the very depths of the sea.

    Well, grandfather I will fill you in further later- and perhaps you’ll get to know those chaps that caught me from the fall out of that very large tree -one very nice spring day.

    I love you grandfather very, very much!

    TRACEE PICKETT, your lovely granddaughter who writes funny stories from real life and misses you. Grandfather- I can fix things too. Just like you! Just not everything grandfather.

  17. GRANDFATHER- I have an error in the above note. My friend- he is the KING of democracy. He is a true prince in every way grandfather. But what do you do when three real princes arrive and break you fall.

  18. lady TRACEE PICKETT says:

    DEAR Grandfather Royal,
    the days are longer right now. I took a walk in the afternoon to sit by a tree. The bark had been slivered off some how with gifts of timid maddness on the ground and I picked them up anyway. The bark, is transformed into crisps of rind grades of the sweet they say.

    Today was a bit strange as I spotted a rain bow just one foot from my feet. It was a muttled yellow and this whitish cloud colour. The green and blue and red were not there at all. I have not seen a rain bow so close to me since I was three. Oddly enough grandfather, right before I went out side to walk, I wrote a letter to a prince who riff.les at me often and is apt to use a butterflie net to catch my crown if it falls. I wrote him before I went out. about the rain bow days at three years old that I remember.

    I did not tell him of my theorys at six years old. It is much to soon to share real intimacy of a childs thoughts and full theories of the world I knew then and know now still with the greatest of work and love. I have to take a break grandfather, Though there is much more. RAVENS FEATHERS grandfather. Real ravens feathers . they are in the sky with me grandfather.

    Soon, for a while . I will complete a creative project called BOND . TRACEE BOND .
    and I am sure I must tell you that it is about my clothing designs presented to pucci. really, we are keeping the designs in house, though I thought I would offer PUCCI some fabrics. TRACEE BOND is a film . and you will see me again soon. No, no, grandfather. I can not say it is about the three men that love me maddly. never that really.

    Good night grandfather Royal. I love you always. and thank you for the rain dances under the sun and the moon. Thank you for the quiet.

    From your silly grande daughter lady TRACEE PICKETT

  19. lady TRACEE PICKETT says:

    Dear Grandfather,
    It is july 20th 2014, and I move into my new studio soon. I am looking forward to that even though my stay here has been interesting. I thought to climb another tree here before I leave, but I don’t wish to fall. The three men are here somewhere, yet, I have not requested their presence yet. One of the gentleman is more than can be imagined as the other two gentleman are as well. They are fine beautiful men. and very nice people in general. Liberated in their own spiritual sciences of life within themselves. I love them all very much. I am going to design the dress I spoke of grandfather. And climb a tree later again. I will sit there with the American Eagle that flew past my home everywhere I go these days. It will be a nice day looking out onto the water to snap a photograph of the Eagle an myself in a TREE with greater branches than before and more unity globally in the future than could be imagined. It will be a nice day indeed grandfather. At least I will have a photograph to hang on my wall.

    Then, it is off again to televive through the passage of the sun and moon. Easier this time than the last on my feet as I dive back into the pond and first end up in china again. The walk to televiv is far, and I shall be fine. my phone is working now very well and soon to ring off the hook.

    worries are in the air of the bakery for the six tere cakes these days . Those cakes are not my order as I usually create the cake when I have time to create a cake and my cakes as you know are very good. The freezer could be the place for ten years of six tere cake if I should ever have time for such nonsense. I would first like to study more in France again. As I was delayed from some subjects in rome and france and well,

    Vienna arrived just in time. That trip was insightful. Very insightful. and lovely in many ways. Did you know grandfather that the Dutch were known to have the first homes with many rooms of furnishings. and Dutch was a treat of course of equality in monetary form , no matter the cake .

    It is said anyway, yet I have my own ideas about the historical times of centuries past. Not as it appears to be at all and totally confounding to the learned current notations that sometimes are very restrictive. I should study more of the said enlightenment I suppose, yet feel the need to not know the historical perceptions written, yet with information of the actually cultures preservations and even folk stories. I imagine, I could very easily fill my time in major libraries of old world literature very easily, though, then who would finish my work. So, I will settle for a book now and then. to read .. just like my early days on my days off sitting on the couch in the sun room with the wind breezing through the studio. I can’t wait for the fall breeze. The scent is of the breath I need.

    I hope you are fine these days grandfather.

    Put the ship away for the next two years and clean it well, as we get ready for my new dress design and then the year 2016.

    good night dear grande father. I do love you.

    From Your Grande Daughter : Lady TRACEE PICKETT

  20. lady TRACEE PICKETT says:

    dear grandfather,
    Neil said that nothing goes as planned. Yet I spent thirty years with most things going just as planned. I will say that I am very upset today. It is neil, as he had planned for much to a very good plan and then the disappointment of everything with all the interference is upsetting. It is. Setting up expectations and then Knowing them truly with bridges down is awful. Then waking in the bly of unhopes of others is worse, as the force to watch the sun, like being made to open your eyes to stare into it all day for months is very strange.

    The chipmunks ran underground for months. I did travel there once, yet, after the puddles that let to china, I decided to keep peace for all chipmonks as long as I could fly to RUSSIA soon enough.
    I will fly on the wing of an eagle, if I must. I spotted many eagles these day grandfather and they are all very nice. The geese are flying south now in America. The canadian geese are everywhere too. I have new technology to develop grandfather and hope that LONDON ENGLAND will ,… accept the project for feiehshias in the spring. No, not central park this time, though I am thinking about that Park avenue space quite well. In three years maybe- even though friends insist sooner. It is just the air ports are too far. That is what the Coopert is for. Yet the licencing on it will be very strict and even stricter in NYC. I have a habit of being slow and repairing roofs well enough. Though, what happens when I don’t have to make the repair myself?

    You know me- I will be inside the engine. Thankfully I have no contects for Satallites except what they look like and how they work. Malinda Gates, she sent plenty of reseach studies and more.

    Vlad, I will fainte, I just know it. I best not climb a tree while he is visiting this time, until the flutter subsides, anyway. And billy, is ready with the Lambrette . It will be fun. and then what?

    Could you see about the new relay centers for public space. But enclose them like the old days in booths. It is noise pollution other wise. And I have new screne ideas, yet less delight than ever in a constant streem, yet more delight than ever in a constant streem. I just have to configure the balance of the far to close distance and then reverse something or I will be dizzy in the new swim to the other side of the world that I don’t need permission for and no one will insist I return too.

    Yet, please grandfather, keep in mind that I did not say, I repete, I did not say the other half or quarters of the universes. Yet there are more dorics than imaginable really, though we both talked about that a long time ago. Most people do not know the meaning of doric.

    And Laura Bush sent me yet another message today about rentals.
    We won’t rent a dress. Ma’ma’ taught me dress making and she stated that it is very important to hem the hem by hand to let it out if needed. After all, silk and fine clothe is worthe the effort.

    Soon grandfather, i will miss my brother. He is a very good person really with great responsibility.
    I am working on a pair of rose colour glasses for him. I wear then often, and someone broke my last pair as they stepped on them on purpose. You know that their are always a few of them in the crowd. Normally, I would have kept them at bay with a karate wave as a warning to make it clear of imminent domain. Yet, they did it, everyone saw it happen this time, and the google glass people are working on the resolution of outstanding issues very quickly.

    The bifterds, were smiling again today as they went into combat. I can not understand the smilers.

    That is a person whom smiles in times that are bad. I guess, it is good news for them to smash and crack up a good pair of rose colour glasses and not be made to pay for it.
    It is a minute, in a day…though grandfather, and I am not upset. I say, a minute…and the minute meetings minute it is, as they have no minutes to meet the crowd of 2 billion people or more over my rose colour glasses and much more.

    It is funny, yet I think that the old roaring crowd of the year 1928 has been important to remember. You know the times, when the same issue happened, and it was thought that no one cared enough or was ready. With the mail I receive, a large boot, is ready. BOOTS from everywhere in one office and well, scoundrels have been alive for ever, and booted for ever.

    BOOT, ….education, is always good. even if it is on a farm. Yet laws must be taught.

    Rules of imminent domain must be.

    Next I am going to chervia for a book to read. I will bike to the shops, and walk everyday as well as relax in the home office too. Even enjoy cracked eggs on toast with or without focci’s special cafe’. it will be a highlight of my day that I have missed. Though with focci’s cafe’ i may need more distance at the nine foot table.

    I am working on that new film grandfather. UNDO- rob redford is upset with me. he is waiting for my film urgently and I am late. Very LATE. and well, the notion that when inspiration stikes you must be ready to work or create is a myth that can stop the mind. Inspiration can be savored and then added later .. even years later with more joy that ever.

    no, i did not learn that when I fell out of the tree and three men caught me. not at all.

    And I did put the blau road runner up for sale. Auctioned price was undisclosed because I am not a government employee.

    Though I am going to disclose the poroject fees for the United Nations. I thought they could use some technology training, so, I offered a open information forum in my communications for free. Yep, grand pa’pa’ complete open access. I know, silly. yet, not so silly.

    though, I will tell you more about that later. I think the energy project may or may not be with your founding company. I don’t know yet. Please think of me when I get to my home office and get to work in other projects as we ignore the rose colour glass smashers. They are biding time to either fake their newest reports, or gather evidence in their office to smash each other to bits- just like Atlantis that month after 400 years of peace and equality.
    maybe 2000 years. carbon dating does not specify.

    Good evening to you my dear grandfather. with love from your grande daughter, TRACEE
    meet you in BOSTON

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